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Maui Elemental Cruiser


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Márka Maui

További információk

30" x 8.75" 7 ply Canadian maple deck

16" wheelbase

Mild concave and camber with mellow kicktail

Heat transfer graphic design on top and bottom of deck

Clear spray grip on top to display graphic

180mm Reverse Geometry X-Caliber trucks

ABEC-7 chrome steel bearings

70mm 83a X-Caliber wheels

Wedged riser pads: the board comes set up for optimal turning performance. Remove the trucks and spin the risers around - putting the thicker end underneath the pivot of the truck - for a more stable ride at speed.

This mini cruiser features a longer wheelbase and larger wheels than a standard popsicle-shaped skateboard to allow for an faster, smoother, more stable ride while still keeping the overall length down to 30", making it perfect for commuting or getting round in an inner city environment; longboard stability with shortboard convenience.


It all started with a cookie. In 1980, three young surfers from Southern California were trying to decide what to do with the rest of their lives. They decided to start a cookie company named Maui’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Their little business venture didn't last long. When they burnt their first batch of cookies, they turned their attention to designing fashions for surfing and active sports. Maui and Sons became an instant hit! And the cookie? It became an inspiration for the Maui and Sons logo.

More than 2 000 000 boards (cruisers, longboards, skateboards) sold worldwide up to today.

Specialist in the skate & surf hardware and apparel. Tied to the two iconic skate & surf brands i.e. X-Caliber (established in 1976 in California) and JIMMY´Z (established in 1984 in California).