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Apex Coopegs Pegs Blue


37,95 EUR
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
További információ
Súly 22
Az első peg hossza 51
A hátsó peg hossza 45
Az első tengely hossza 65
A hátsó tengely hossza 75
Anyag Aluminium
Darabszám a csomagolásban 2
These specially designed Coopegs from Apex have been developed with Team rider Cooper Elgar with a keen focus on maximum rail control. The Coopegs come with a small recess which lets you grind with a locked-in feel. Made from a lightweight aluminum and shaped to fit with a wide range of decks and forks. Comes in a set of two pegs including nuts and bolts. Peg length: 5.1 - 4.5cm